Discover the SECRETS To Creating Paintings You Can Be Proud Of 

3 simple steps to go from ‘Amateur Painter’ to ‘Confident Artist’ without years of trial and struggle.  

 The Honest Truth Masterclass 

How To Finally Be Able To Call Yourself 'An Artist' .. Without Cringing! 

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Presented By: Roisin O'Farrell

In 2008 Roisin made a promise to herself to become a professional artist within a year. 

The road was not a simple one but she succeded and today her art is shown in Galleries from London to New York. 

Second only to her passion for painting is that of helping others also acheve their full potential. If you yearn to call yourself an Artist but are not sure where to start Róisín has the answers.

In This FREE Training You Will Discover

  • The one KEY concept missing from most art courses. Which once resolved lets you confidently call yourself an artist
  • Róisín's Personal System to INSTANTLY UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVITY 
  • REAL stories of students who have rediscovered their creativity and thrived as artists. (Even as 'full time' mums or retired women)
  • The most effective way to a productive creative practice and, to stop self criticism today.
  • The Key to Advancing your skills - Especially if you are pressed for time because of work or family (Or you just want to make more beautiful paintings sooner).
  • An introduction to the tribe of artists who have all followed the same process and now support each other as part of a warm and encouraging shared community.

"I learned more with Róisín in one session than in attending other artist’s expensive courses and all with Róisín’s humour and positivity." Sharon Lissaman

The Honest Truth Masterclass